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MODG Council Passes New Physician Financial Incentives

For Immediate Release
Municipality of the District of Guysborough Launches 
Doctor Recruitment Financial Incentive Program

April 7, 2021- Guysborough, NS. The Municipality of the District of Guysborough (MODG) is stepping forward to help address the serious gap in Doctor coverage in our Communities. Today, MODG is announcing a $100,000.00 financial incentive for each new recruited Doctor who is willing to sign onto a 5-year return of service contract to be a full-time practitioner at one of or both of our two hospitals, Guysborough Memorial Hospital and/or Eastern Memorial Hospital.

The Municipality intends to funnel its financial commitment through the local Hospital Foundations as we continue to work with the NSHA to recruit Doctors to fully staff both of our Hospitals with full time Doctors.

“When Eastern Memorial Hospital had to close down its full-time operations more than two years ago due to a lack of nurses, the Municipality stepped forward with a financial incentive program for newly recruited nurses” said Warden Pitts “That program worked at the time, and now, with the situation at a critical level on the Dr. Recruitment side, we’re stepping forward to make a difference at that level.”

A key theme through the Municipality’s Strategic Plan is Sustainability and one of the integral components of being a sustainable rural municipality, is the provision of top- quality healthcare services.  Over the last number of years, it has become more challenging to recruit Doctors to rural areas and our Municipality has suffered through those challenges, which has been especially highlighted by closures to our emergency room departments.

“As a Council, we have to work with our partners and do everything in our power to recruit Doctors to our Municipality” states Warden Pitts “Healthcare is not normally a municipal responsibility but the Doctor shortage in our Municipality is a reality that we must face, and one that we have to tackle head on.  For MODG, we have to level the playing field on Doctor recruitment and we can only hope that this new Doctor Recruitment Financial Incentive Program will do just that!”

For more information, please contact Warden Vernon Pitts at (902) 870-6975 or; Barry Carroll, CAO at (902) 870-0121 or