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Works for you

The District of Guysborough is one of three municipal units in Guysborough County. It occupies the eastern half of the county and the northeast corner of mainland Nova Scotia. The District’s administrative centre is located in the Shiretown of Guysborough. The District of Guysborough welcomed the community of Canso into the municipality on July 1, 2012.

The Municipality surrounds the Town of Mulgrave, and borders the St. Mary’s municipal district to the west, Antigonish County to the north and the Strait of Canso and Atlantic Ocean to the east and southeast.  The District was incorporated in 1879 and covers an area of 2,116.4 square kilometres, with more than 400 kilometres of coastline.

The District is sparsely populated, with about 4,600 permanent residents, although it is poised for growth in anticipation of the development of some large-scale projects. The District is divided into eight smaller districts each represented by an elected councillor on the municipal council.  The Warden of the Municipality, who is selected from among Council, is currently Vernon Pitts who represents District Six.

The District is easily accessible from the TransCanada Highway 104 at Exit 37 (Monastery) or at Aulds Cove at the Canso Causeway, Highway 344 travels through the District to Mulgrave and then along the shores of the Strait of Canso.  Highway 7 also leads to the District at Goshen and Giant's Lake.