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Natural advantages

Big and small, we’re defined by natural advantages and endless opportunity.

Resource Sectors

A bounty of natural wealth

The District of Guysborough is blessed with a bounty of natural resources. Canso, on the north-east coast was the first permanent European fishing settlement in the Americas. The fishery and our abundant forests have provided a living to most of our residents for generations.


Mineral resources have become an increasingly important economic mainstay. First there was gold, and there still is, possibly in commercial deposits. Aggregate is mined at the Strait and a new aggregate mine is planned and proceeding at Black Point near Canso.  Rare earth metals are appearing in various locations across the District as well.

Tourism may be the District’s greatest untapped resource. With thousands of kilometres of diverse coast line, including fabulous beaches, and miles and miles of unspoiled, even untouched wilderness, the District is ideal for tourist adventures, wilderness retreats and nature lovers.