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Natural advantages

Big and small, we’re defined by natural advantages and endless opportunity.


Around the world energy security and affordability is the constant economic wildcard.  The District of Guysborough, as the onshore terminal for Nova Scotia’s offshore oil and gas reserves and with excellent renewable wind energy as well as possibilities for LNG development and hydro power is ideally positioned to serve European and Asian markets.

windmilloil and gas

The Municipality partnered with Nova Scotia Power to develop a 13.8 MW wind farm – Sable Wind - at the east end of the Municipality near Canso/Hazel Hill. This project is exceeding all expectations.

Experts estimate that Nova Scotia’s offshore holds more than 120-trillion cubic feet of undeveloped gas and eight-billion barrels of untapped oil potential.  This vast reservoir is connected to the Nova Scotia mainland via a pipeline that comes ashore in the District at Goldboro, and runs west and to the Northeastern United States. The pipeline is reversible. Goldboro is therefore a prime contender for an LNG facility in Nova Scotia.