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Natural advantages

Big and small, we’re defined by natural advantages and endless opportunity.

A Bright Future

Today, the residents of the District are optimistic that, although times aren’t bad, good times are just around the corner.

From any vantage point in the District unspoiled natural forests or the sea stretch to the horizon.  Those with a vision can see something else out there on the horizon.  Opportunity.

district5 summer 2014

Fishing and forestry are economic mainstays in the district, as they have been for centuries.  In the 21st, you can add global transportation, energy, gold, aggregate and rare earth metal mining and tourism to the list. 

Pending economic developments include the Melford Container Terminal on the Strait of Canso, a Superport-to-be. Development of a major container terminal and logistics park at Melford on the mainland side of the Strait is close to reality.  It is the best deep-water, ice free port on the east coast and the closest port to Europe and Asia via the Suez.  The site is a green field, so development is unencumbered by urban encroachment or antiquated systems.

The TransCanada Highway – 104 in Nova Scotia, lies just to the north of the district, as does the rail line that will connect the Strait Superport to markets all over North America.

The Districts hosts Martin Marietta’s highly efficient aggregate mining operation near Mulgrave on the Strait of Canso and a second aggregate quarry, proposed by Vulcan Materials, the United States’largest producer of construction aggregates, is currently in the permitting stages for a quarry at Black Point near Canso. 

The district has a long gold mining heritage, and new, commercially-viable gold deposits have been identified along with other promising finds.  Deposits of rare earth metals are generating mounting interest.  A rich mining future in the district is a distinct and profoundly interesting opportunity.

Goldboro is the location for the fully permitted $10B Goldboro LNG Facility. Construction is anticipated in 2021. 

The District was the first municipality in the province to invest in, build and own a major wind power project, putting its Natural Advantages to good use. The Municipality is now part of the global renewable energy solution and moving confidently into the future.

Unspoiled natural beauty, rugged coast lines, fabulous sand beaches, pristine inland waterways are all here.  With about 4,000 kilometres of coastline, countless bays, inlets and safe harbours, the shoreline is perfect for eco-tourism, outdoor recreation and aquaculture development. The infrastructure to serve a natural tourism destination presents very real investment opportunities.

The local government, the Municipality of the District of Guysborough, along with its partners in economic development are able and ready to help potential investors big, small to understand and seize the opportunities that are on the near horizon.