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True riches

When you live here, you know why. The land, the sea, the people, true riches.

Public Works

The Municipal Public Works Department is responsible for such services as municipal water, wastewater, sidewalks, municipal buildings, parks, recreational infrastructure and other municipal properties. The Municipal Public Works Department is also responsible for maintenance of the Municipality of Guysborough’s buildings and capital assets.


Glen Avery
Director of Public Works                
Tel: 902-533-3705 ext. 233
Fax: 902-533-2749
Cell: 902-870-1971

Steve O Handley
Public Works Supervisor
Tel: 902-533-3705 ext. 234
Fax: 902-533-2749
Cell: 902-870-3285

Magdelyn Connolly                            
Public Works Administrative Support 
Tel: 902-533-3705 ext. 242
Fax: 902-533-2749

Kyle Pellerin 
By-Law Enforcement Officer
Cell: 902-870-0324

Emergency Phone Numbers

902-533-3705 ext. 233 or 234 (during office hours)

Water & Wastewater

Guysborough Wastewater Management District
Current rates – $210.28 /equivalent Unit
Capital connection charge – $4,000.00

Hazel Hill Wastewater Management District
Current rates – $213.10 /equivalent Unit
Capital connection charge – $2,500.00

Little Dover Wastewater Management District
Current rates – $200.63 /equivalent Unit
Capital connection charge – $2,500.00

Sewer System Application.pdf

Please note that this document is provided for informational purposes only. In order to get a hardcopy of this application form, which needs to be completed in triplicate, please contact Peter Avery, Building Inspector, at 902-533-3705 ext. 235. 

Street Lights

Policy_H-1 Street Lighting.pdf
Street Light Request.pdf

If you would like to report a street light outage please call Nova Scotia Power at 1-800-428-6774 or visit the following link

Municipal In-kind Assistance Program

The Municipality of Guysborough offers an “in-kind” assistance program that includes:
labour; porta potti drop off and pick-up; labour to community and non-profit groups. All work must be requested through your local Councillor and labour will be limited to 24 hours per project. All materials will be supplied by the Community Group and all work must be within the Municipal Public Works capabilities/training, etc. Work will be scheduled through the Municipal Public Works Director and shall not interfere with regularly scheduled work