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District Four: Councillor Dave Hanhams

Mill Brook (Rte 16 Guysborough) to, but not including Fox Island, Whitehead, South River Lake Road to Tompkinsville Road

Cell: 902 318 1703
Email: Dave Hanhams


Based on NAD83, UTM Zone 20N

BEGINNING, at a point where Mill Brook and the entrance to Chedabucto Bay converge at 617394E, 5026389N;

THENCE, westerly to the mouth of Mill Cove at point 617319E, 5026399N;

THENCE, northwesterly to point 617284E, 5026430N on the north boundary of PID 35040849 & 35148741;

THENCE, westerly to point 617230E, 5026435;

THENCE, southerly to point 617238E, 5026401N on the southern boundary of PID 35169044;

THENCE, southwesterly along the boundary of 35169044 to Highway 16;

THENCE, northerly along Highway 16 to the Intersection of New Road, District 1 and District 2.2;

THENCE, southwesterly along boundary of PID 35170588 to point 616704E, 5026937N;

THENCE, southwesterly to point 616279E, 5026712N on PID 35078872;

THENCE, southwesterly along PID 35005511 to point 616237E, 5026696N;

THENCE, southwesterly to point 616064E, 5026603N;

THENCE, southwesterly along PIDs 35049873, 35042373, and 35049865 to point 615974E, 5026548N;

THENCE, northwesterly to point 615936E, 5026602N on the boundary of PID 35049865;

THENCE, southwesterly to point 615492E, 5026357N on PID 35125814;

THENCE, southwesterly along PID 35125814 to point 615443E, 5026348N;

THENCE, southerly to point 610931E, 5024026N on Tompkinsville Road at the intersection of District 1 and District 2.2;

THENCE, southerly to point 610379E, 5018985N to the District 1 and District 6 intersection;

THENCE, easterly to point 617439E, 5019005N after crossing the Larrys River Road;

THENCE, southeasterly to point 622159E, 5017950N near Sandy Cove Lake & PID 35034008;

THENCE, southerly to point 622176E, 5017840N on PID 35034008;

THENCE, easterly to the shores of Sandy Cove Lake at point 622258E, 5017840N

THENCE, easterly following the shores of Sandy Cove Lake to point 622394E, 5017843N on PID 35034008;

THENCE, following the baseline of the group of properties on PID 35194678 to point 640099E, 5020958 at corner of PID 35036508;

THENCE, southeasterly to point 640579E, 5020207N;

THENCE, southerly to point 640850E, 5018721 on PID 35093640;

THENCE, southwesterly along PID 35093640 to point 640774E, 5018581N;

THENCE, southerly along shores of Cooeycoff Lake to point 640978E, 5017733N on PID 35037647;

THENCE, southeasterly along PID 35037647 to the corner at 641001E, 5017677N;

THENCE, southeasterly to point 641200E, 5016982N on PID 35014646;

THENCE, southwesterly along PID 35014646 to point 640866E, 5016303N on PID 35094978;

THENCE, southeasterly along PID 35094978 to point 641127E, 5016195N on PID 35175686;

THENCE, southeasterly along PID 35175686 to the corner at point 641532E, 5015505N;

THENCE, westerly along PID 35175686 to point 641348E, 5015490N on PID 35042480;

THENCE, southwesterly along PID 35042480 to point 641214E, 5015153N;

THENCE, southeasterly to point 641622E, 5014019N on PID 35014471;

THENCE, southerly along PID 35014471 to point 641639E, 5012691N on PID 35014562;

THENCE, southeasterly then southerly to Highway 316 at point 641746E, 5012380N;

THENCE, southeasterly to point 641849E, 5012348N;

THENCE, southwesterly across Highway 316 to southeastern edge of PID 35014588 at point 641822E, 5012325N;

THENCE, southwesterly along PID 35014588 to the shore of the Atlantic Ocean at point 641729E, 5012219N;

THENCE, follow the shore of the Atlantic Ocean easterly to point 649747E, 5012341N at Kayak Brook;

THENCE, northerly to point 648630E, 5022181N on PID 35044445;

THENCE, northerly along PID 35044445 to Highway 16;

THENCE, westerly along Highway 16 to point 648498E, 5022217N;

THENCE, northwesterly to point 648489E, 5022235N on PID 35044130;

THENCE, northwesterly along PID 35044130 to point 648459E, 5022287N;

THENCE, northerly to point 648475E, 5022527N on PID 35044312;

THENCE, northwesterly to corner of PID 35044312;

THENCE, northeasterly along PID 35044312 to Starks Road;

THENCE, northeasterly crossing Starks Road to Point 648460E, 5022698N on PID 35044338;

THENCE, northerly following boundary of 35044338 to shore of Chedabucto Bay at point 648480E, 5022782N;

THENCE, following along the shores of Chedabucto Bay to the point of origin at 617394E, 5026389N.