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Natural advantages

Big and small, we’re defined by natural advantages and endless opportunity.

Oil & Gas

The Sable Offshore Energy Project (SOEP) land-base is located in the Goldboro Industrial Park, in the south of the District. The industrial park is owned by the Municipality.

Oil and Gas

Led by ExxonMobil, a consortium that includes Shell Canada, Imperial Oil Canada, Mosbacher Operating Ltd and Pengrowth Energy Trust, the Goldboro facility is linked to fields producing natural gas near Sable Island, on the edge of the Nova Scotia Continental Shelf. SOEP produces between 400 and 500 million cubic feet (14,000,000 m3) of natural gas and 20,000 barrels (3,200 m3) of natural gas liquids daily.

The first gas was shipped to market in January 2000 from the Goldboro gas plant, through the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline to the North-Eastern United States.

The Sable Offshore Energy Project – at more than $3 billion - is the largest capital project in the history of the Province of Nova Scotia. The development put in place physical infrastructure that has attracted additional investment interest. As a result of this interest, the Municipality of the District of Guysborough has assembled more than 850 acres of zoned industrial land adjacent to the Goldboro Gas Plant, and room to grow beyond that if required.   The Goldboro Industrial Park offers deep-water, marine industrial access to large tracts of industrially-zoned land.
Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline (M&NP) is a 1,400-kilometre transmission pipeline system built in 1999 to transport natural gas from offshore Nova Scotia to markets in Atlantic Canada and the Northeastern United States. A joint venture of Spectra Energy (77.53%), Emera Inc. (12.92%), and ExxonMobil Canada (9.55%), M&NP is headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia. M&NP system capacity is approximately 530 million cubic feet per day.

The M&NP system consists of a mainline that runs from the gas plant in Goldboro, through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The mainline interconnects with Portland Natural Gas Transmission System, Tennessee Gas Transmission, and Algonquin Gas Transmission. Through lateral pipelines M&NP serves markets in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

M&NP’s major customers include natural gas producers, large industrial users such as pulp and paper companies, refineries, power generators, and local distribution companies.

With an established pipeline system in place, M&NP is well-positioned to respond to growth in both East Coast gas supply and end-use markets in Eastern Canada and the U.S. Northeast. Through the addition of compression and pipeline looping, M&NP can flexibly increase its throughput to transport incremental gas supply to market.

The Encana Panuke project produces and processes natural gas from the Deep Panuke field, approximately 250 kilometers southeast of Nova Scotia on the Scotian Shelf.  Natural gas from Deep Panuke is processed offshore and transported, via subsea pipeline to Goldboro for further transport to markets in Canada and the Northeast United States.