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District One: Councillor Miles MacDonald

Guysborough, Erinville, Guysborough Interval

District One: Councillor Miles MacDonald

Miles was elected in November 2013 in District One which covers Guysborough, Erinville and Guysborough Intervale.

Born and raised in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Miles and his wife Donna have been residents of Guysborough for the past 39 years. They are pleased to have raised their three children in this wonderful community.

Miles worked in Guysborough County schools for 32 years. He spent most of those years as a school administrator.  He received his education at St. F.X. University and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as post-graduate degrees in education.

Miles has been involved in the Guysborough Amateur Athletic Association, the Lions Club, Chedabucto Curling Club, and the Volunteer Fire Department.  Currently, he is a member of the Guysborough Waterfront Development Society, the Guysborough and Area Board of Trade, the Chedabucto Place School Advisory Committee, the Early Childhood Intervention Advisory Committee, and the Board of Directors of GOALS. He also chairs the Chedabucto Place Association, which operates the Chedabucto Place Performance Centre.

He and his wife Donna live in the village of Guysborough.

Home: 902-533-2492
Cell: 902-863-7657
Municipal Office: 902-533-3705
Email: Miles MacDonald
Fax: 902-533-2749



Based on NAD83, UTM Zone 20N

BEGINNING, a point where the Milford Haven River and Guysborough Harbour meet at 616927E, 5031254N;

THENCE, following the shore of Guysborough Harbour to the point where Mill Brook and the entrance to Chedabucto Bay converge at 617394E, 5026389N;

THENCE, westerly to the mouth of Mill Cove at point 617319E, 5026399N;

THENCE, northwesterly to point 617284E, 5026430N on the north boundary of PID 35040849 & 35148741;

THENCE, westerly to point 617230E, 5026435;

THENCE, southerly to point 617238E, 5026401N on the southern boundary of PID 35169044;

THENCE, southwesterly along the boundary of 35169044 to Highway 16;

THENCE, northerly along Highway 16 to the Intersection of New Road, District 2.2 and District 4;

THENCE, northerly to point 616995E, 5027199N on PID 35170125;

THENCE, northerly along the boundary of PID 35162973 (formerly Old Canso Road) to Prince Street at point 617004E, 5027318;

THENCE, northwesterly to point 616959E, 5027331N;

THENCE, northerly to point 616910E, 5027897N on Old Riverside Road;

THENCE, northwesterly to point 611069E, 5029281N on Hart’s Lake;

THENCE, southerly to point 610931E, 5024026N on Tompkinsville Road at the intersection of District 2.2 and District 4;

THENCE, southerly to point 610379E, 5018985N meeting the intersection of District 4 and District 6;

THENCE, westerly to point 608284E, 5019217N through Eight Mile Lake at the intersection of District 6 and District 7;

THENCE, westerly to point 608075E, 5019260N at the corner of PID 35018068;

THENCE, westerly along PID 35018068 & to the corner of PID 35018001;

THENCE, northerly along PID 35018001 to corner of PID 35018084;

THENCE, westerly along PIDs 35018084, 35018110, 35194883, & 35018118 to point 606260E, 5019438N near Lawlor Lake;

THENCE, northwesterly to point 585561E, 5023595N on PID 35196096 near Porcupine Lake;

THENCE, northerly following the boundary of the Municipality of the District of Guysborough and the Municipality of the District of St.Mary’s to the intersection of the Antigonish County boundary;

THENCE, northeasterly following the Municipality of the District of Guysborough and the Antigonish County boundary to point 608245E, 5048328N intersection with District 2.1 boundary;

THENCE, southerly to point 609409E, 5039901N to the intersection of District 2.1 and District 3 boundary heading east;

THENCE, southerly to point 609469E, 5039618N on PID 35000918;

THENCE, southerly along PID 35000918 to the common boundary with PID 35183094 at point 609644E, 5037585N;

THENCE, westerly to point 609536E, 5037577N on PID 35183094;

THENCE, southerly along PID 35183094 to point 609644E, 5034965N on the Milford Haven River;

THENCE, following southeasterly along the center of the Milford Haven River to the point of origin at 616927E, 5031254N.