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District Five: Councillor Janet Peitzsche

Little Dover, Hazel Hill, Tickle, Fox Island

District Five: Deputy Warden Janet Peitzsche

Janet was elected to Council in 1997 and she represents Little Dover, Hazel Hill, Tickle and Fox Island. 

Janet’s background is in Administration and Community Development. She has worked in administrative positions with many organizations and is presently employed at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital as Switchboard Operator/Admitting Clerk.

Janet holds a Certificate in Community Economic Development and Leadership from the Atlantic CED Institute in Truro, and a Certificate in Municipal Governing from Henson College, Dalhousie University.

Janet was very involved in the fisheries crisis in her area and worked as a Resource Counselor for those displaced from the fishing industry and with St. FX University Extension Department as a consultant.

Janet has served on many boards and volunteer organizations over the years including Community Economic Development Boards in her area. She is currently volunteering with the Little Dover Community Economic Development Association. She has also volunteered with the Stan Rogers Folk Festival as a Crew Head since its inception in 1996.

Janet resides in the village of Little Dover with her husband Junior.

Home: 902-366-2667
Municipal Office: 902-533-3705
Email: Janet Peitzsche
Fax: 902-533-2749



Based on NAD83, UTM Zone 20N

 BEGINNING, at point 649747E, 5012341N at Kayak Brook;

THENCE, northerly to point 648630E, 5022181N on PID 35044445;

THENCE, northerly along PID 35044445 to Highway 16;

THENCE, westerly along Highway 16 to point 648498E, 5022217N;

THENCE, northwesterly to point 648489E, 5022235N on PID 35044130;

THENCE, northwesterly along PID 35044130 to point 648459E, 5022287N;

THENCE, northerly to point 648475E, 5022527N on PID 35044312;

THENCE, northwesterly to corner of PID 35044312;

THENCE, northeasterly along PID 35044312 to Starks Road;

THENCE, northeasterly crossing Starks Road to Point 648460E, 5022698N on PID 35044338;

THENCE, northerly following boundary of 35044338 to shore of Chedabucto Bay at point 648480E, 5022782N;

THENCE, following along the shores of Chedabucto Bay northeasterly to point 649519E, 5023178N on PID 35079565;

THENCE, southerly along PID 35079565 to point 649496E, 5023039N;

THENCE, westerly to point 649422E, 5023027N on PID 35044148;

THENCE, southeasterly along PID 35044148 to point 649738E, 5022501N on Three Mile Lake;

THENCE, easterly along the shore of Three Mile Lake to point 652E, 5021765N on southern edge of PID 35125087;

THENCE, easterly on PID 35125087 to corner at 652268E, 5021750N;

THENCE, northerly on 35125087 to point 652326E, 5021954N on PID 35125095;

THENCE, southeasterly to point 652841N, 5021775N on PID 35096684;

THENCE, northeasterly along PID 35096684 to point 652959E, 5022142N;

THENCE, easterly along shore of Whistle House Lake to point 654259E, 5021460N on PID 35078690;

THENCE, northerly along base of PIDS 35078690, 35204155, 35045004, and 35045038 to point 654319E, 5021656N;

THENCE, easterly along PID 35045038 to corner of PID 35045046 at point 654433E, 5021629N;

THENCE, easterly along PID 35045053 to Tickle Road;

THENCE, northerly along Tickle Road to point 654481E, 5021812N;

THENCE, easterly crossing Tickle Road to 654502E, 5021816N on PID 35045962;

THENCE, easterly along PID 35045962 to point 654679E, 5021752N;

THENCE, easterly to point 655347E, 5021820N on PID 35025006;

THENCE, northerly along PID 35025006 to point 655351E, 5021834N;

THENCE, easterly along PID 35025006 to point 655433E, 5021812N;

THENCE, northeasterly to point 655504E, 5021848N on PID 35026384;

THENCE, northerly along 35026384 to point 655524E, 5021926N;

THENCE, northerly to point 655542N 5022222N on PID 35045194;

THENCE, easterly to the intersection of School Street and Sterling Street;

THENCE, easterly to point 656800E, 5022191N on PID 35027101;

THENCE, southerly following all properties base lines to point 656747E, 5021833 on PID 35026020;

THENCE, along PID 35026020 to 656727E, 5021761N on PID 35026038;

THENCE, following boundary of PID 35026038 southeasterly to 657163E, 5021169N on PID 35204924;

THENCE, following the northern boundary of PIDs 35204924, 35047208, and 35204916 to point 657746E, 5021247N on PID 35124304;

THENCE, following along PID 35124304 to point 658215E, 5021096N on PID 35096627;

THENCE, southeasterly to 658546E, 5020829N at the shore of the Atlantic Ocean;

THENCE, following shore of the Atlantic Ocean to the point of origin at 649747E, 5012341N at Kayak Brook.