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The District of Guysborough: The Next Big...Place

The next big thing just might be a big place.

The District of Guysborough, more than 2,000 square kilometres covering the north-eastern end of mainland Nova Scotia has natural advantages that set it apart from, well just about every other place you can think of.

The sea and the forests have always been the primary sources of wealth in the district.  Fishing and forestry are still in the mix, but today other opportunities are limited only by the imagination.

Start with a harbour that is as good as or better than any on the east coast of North America.  And, there is, literally, gold in the hills of the district.  As valuable as gold is these days, there are signs of even more precious rare earth metals throughout the district’s mineral rich formations.  The district is already home to a thriving aggregate mining operation and a second quarry is in the planning stages.

With about 400 kilometres of coastline, countless bays, inlets and safe harbours, the shoreline is perfect for exploration and outdoor recreation and hosts a vibrant inshore fishery.

Natural gas discovered and developed off Nova Scotia comes ashore by pipeline in the district at Goldboro, where it is processed and fed into the Maritime Northeast Pipeline.  The TransCanada Highway – 104 in Nova Scotia, lies just to the north of the district, as does the rail line that will connect the Strait Superport to markets all over North America.

The local government, the Municipality of the District of Guysborough, is responsive, progressive, approachable and focused on accommodating individuals and businesses who are serious about coming to the area.  There is prime land to be had throughout the district, at prices that are competitive with and usually better than, anywhere else on the east coast.

There is room here to grow.  Clean air to breathe; unspoiled natural beauty and smart, resilient, friendly and welcoming people.  The momentum is building.  The time is ripe.  Opportunity is calling you to the District of Guysborough.